The Life of
the Ugliest Girl
in the World
When she came home, Amreah's father would beat her because he had a hard day at work.
The Life of Amreah Galatzina was the collaborative effort of my good friend
Sam Asher and myself. The images were inspired by some of my experiences at Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Elementary School.
Amreah was the daughter of very  poor and wicked parents. Her mother would pinch her and slap her face so that Amreah would get out of bed and go to school.
One day, the landlord came to Amreah's home. The landlord was very mad because Amrah's parents did not pay the rent.

When he saw that Amreah was the only one home, he started beating her.
On her way to school, all the little children made fun of Amreah. They took away her books and threw stones at her.
TAmreah cried and cried because she felt that everyone in the world hated her.

She was right.
The next day, Amreah carried a big stick on her way to school. Five children came by and started making fun of her. Amreah quickly swung her stick and hit one of them on the face and another on the head. The rest of the children ran away as fast as they could.
Suddenly, Amreah realized that no one ever gave her anything but beatings.
Amreah was sick and tired of being hurt by everyone, so she fought back! Amreah ran into the kitchen, took the carving knife and stabbed the landlord. The landlord screamed with pain and died.
When the people of the town heard that Amreah has killed the landlord and injured the two children.
They became afraid of her. Nobody ever bothered Amreah again.
She was respected at school, on the streets
and in her home.
Amreah loved the attention she was getting.
For the rest of her life, Amreah knew
that she had done the right thing.