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Baron Daemon
Mike Price
Joseph Capuana
Joe Capuana
Joseph S. Capuana
Double click here to add text.A. Ghastlee Ghoul 
The Advisor (aka The Adviser) 
Alec Gibson * 
Al Gory (fictional host) 
Anok (see Ravena, the Goddess of Stonehenge and Anok) 
Arach and Nid 
Ashley Ghastly 
The Bargain City Kid and Willie Thall 
Baron Daemon * 
Baron Mondo Von Doren and El Sapo de Tempesto 
Baron Von Wolfstein 
Barry and Pat 
Bestoink Dooley 
Big Chuck * (Hoolihan and Big Chuck; Big Chuck and Li'l John) 
Billy Black 
Billy Van (Pyre) * 
The Black Cat 
Blood E. Murder 
Bob Beringer 
Bob Burns 
Bob Wilkins * 
The Bone Jangler 
The Bowman Body * (aka The Body) 
Bradford Skobie 
Butch Patrick and Ivonna Cadaver 
Butch R. Cleaver 
Captain Space 
Carpathian and the Patient Creatures 
Cedric (see The Spooky Spectre and Cedric) 
Chester the Werewolf (see Scruffy McGhoul and Chester the Werewolf) 
Chilly Billy * 
Christopher Coffin 
Chuck Acri and Vincent Hedges 
Chuck Zink * 
Commandant Gore 
Commander USA and Lefty * 
Conrad (fictional host) 
Cool Eddie 
The Cool Ghoul (I) * 
The Cool Ghoul (II) 
The Count (I) * 
The Count (II), aka Count Boroff? 
Count Alu Card 
Count Basil 
Count Cool Rider 
Count Dracula, aka TV's Count Dracula 
Countess Lutzika 
Count Floyd * (fictional host) 
Count Frightenstein (kid show host) 
Count Gore De Vol * 
Count Gregore 
Count Justin Sane 
Count Macabre 
Count Murray 
Count Natas 
Count Norlock 
The Count of Five 
Count Scary * 
Count Shockula * 
Count Smokula 
Count Von Thirstenburg 
Count Warlock 
Count Zappula, aka Dr. Maniac * 
The Creature 
The Creep * 
The Creeper 
Crematia Mortem * 
Dale Dorman 
Davey Horror 
David Allen * 
David the Colossus 
Dead Earnest 
Deadly Earnest 
The Debaser and Cherry Payne 
Doktor Goulfinger 
Doktor Tom B. Stone 
Don Kennedy 
Doug Graves (see Son of Svengoolie and Doug Graves *) 
Dr. Acula 
Dr. Atomic 
Dr. Bela Zarbo 
Dr. Brain 
Dr. Cadaver and Igor 
Dr. Cadaverino * 
Dr. Creep 
Dr. Destruction 
Dr. Dreck 
Dr. E. Nick Witty and Epal * 
Dr. Evil 
Dr. Fear 
Dr. Freak 
Dr. Fright 
Dr. Gangrene 
Dr. Gruesome 
Dr. Lucifer and Mrs. Lucifer * 
Dr. Lucifur * 
Dr. Madblood * (aka Dr. Max Madblood) 
Dr. Maniac * (aka Count Zappula) 
Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi 
Dr. Meridian * 
Dr. Mongo (aka Dr. Montague B. Gourley) 
Dr. Morbius 
Dr. Mor B.S. 
Dr. Morgus * (aka Dr. Momus Alexander Morgus, Morgus the Magnificent) 
Dr. Paul Bearer * 
Dr. Rabies 
Dr. San Guinary 
Dr. Sarcofiguy 
Dr. Scar 
Dr. Shock (I) * 
Dr. Shock (II) 
Dr. Shock (III) 
Dr. Shock (IV) 
Dr. Shocker and Igor and Tracy the Gorilla (fictional hosts) 
Dr. Shroud 
Dr. Sludge 
Dr. Speculo (aka Dr. Ignatius Speculo) 
Dr. Terror 
Dr. Volapuk 
Dr. Von Shtick (see Shrimpenstein and Dr. Von Shtick) (kid show host) 
Dr. Wolfenstein (fictional host) 
Dr. X 
Dr. Ygor 
Dr. Zekow 
Dr. ZinGRR * 
Dr. Zombie 
Drac (see Frank and Drac *) 
Duncan Lamond 
El Sapo (see Baron Mondo Von Doren and El Sapo de Tempesto) 
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark * 
Epal (see Dr. E. Nick Witty and Epal *) 
Famous Morris * 
Fat Drac 
The Fearmonger 
Ferdy (I) 
"Ferdy" (II) 
Floyd Cadaverious 
Fireman Frank 
Frank (I) and Drac * 
Frank (II) (see Zomboo and Frank) 
Frankie (see Warren Reed and Frankie *) 
Fritz the Nite Owl 
George Byram * 
George Eisenhauer 
Ghost Host 
The Ghostly Host 
The Ghoul * 
Ghoulardi * 
Ghoulita * 
Gilbert Gottfried 
The Glob 
Gorgon the Gruesome * 
Grampa * 
Grandpa Fred * (fictional host) 
The Grave Digger 
The Gravemaster 
Graves and Graves Daddy 
The Great Zucchini 
Gregore * 
Gregory the Graveyard Walker 
Gregory Grave * 
The Grim Reaper 
Grimsley * 
Halloween Jack 
Hilo Headley 
Hoolihan * (Hoolihan and Big Chuck) 
The Host (I) and Rodney * 
The Host (II), aka Joe Alston 
Howard Meagle (see Mr. Slime) 
Humphrey the Hunchback 
Igor (I) 
Igor (II) (fictional host) 
Ivonna Cadaver (see Butch Patrick and Ivonna Cadaver) 
I. Zombi 
Jami Deadly 
Jeepers * 
Jeepers Keeper * 
Jim Cooke 
Jimmy Hollister (see Victor Ives and Jimmy Hollister) 
Jim Ross 
Joe Alston (see The Host (II), aka Joe Alston) 
Joe Bob Briggs 
Joe Fright 
John Barclay * 
John Carradine 
Johnny Nightmare 
John Stanley * 
Junkyard John 
The Keeper * 
Klara Kackel 
Laraine Newman 
Lazarus Loveitt 
Laslo, the Keeper of the Dead 
Li'l John * (Big Chuck and Li'l John) 
Lon Madnight 
Lou Schlock 
Macabra * 
Madam Cadaver 
Madame Mortem 
Mad Daddy (I) * 
Mad Daddy (II) 
Madd Frank 
The Mad Man 
The Man from GHOST 
Marilyn the Witch * 
Marvin * 
Midnight (fictional host) 
Mike Ward 
Millicent B. Ghastly 
Milton * 
Miss Shock 
The Mistress Margali 
Misty Brew (I) 
Misty Brew (II) 
Misty Brew (III) 
Mitch and Munch 
Moona Lisa * 
The Mortician 
Mousey Boy (see Professor I.C. Bloodenguts and Mousey Boy) 
Mr. Darc 
Mr. Lobo 
Mr. Mephisto 
Mr. Schlock 
Mr. Shreek, aka Gortem Shreek 
Mr. Slime 
Mrs. Lucifer (see Dr. Lucifer and Mrs. Lucifer *) 
M.T. Graves (I) * 
M.T. Graves (II) 
M.T. Space, aka Captain M. T. Space 
Ned the Dead 
Nefu Ned (see Uncle Ted and Nefu Ned *) 
Nid (see Arach and Nid) 
The Nightshadow 
Ottola Nesmith * 
The Outsider * 
Pat (see Barry and Pat) 
Peaches Christ 
Penny Dreadful (I) 
Penny Dreadful (II), aka Penny Dreadful XIII 
Peter Gorey 
Peter Hardt 
Peter Vincent * (fictional host) 
Professor Cerberus * 
Professor Emcee Square 
Professor Fantastic 
Professor Gideon 
Professor Griffin 
Professor I.C. Bloodenguts and Mousey Boy 
Professor Jasper Farndark 
Professor Kinema 
Quzi Boudreaux (see Dr. Brain) 
Randy and Richard * (Texas 27 Film Vault) 
Ravena, the Goddess of Stonehenge and Anok 
Remo D. 
Rex Lane 
Rhonda Shear 
Richard (see Randy and Richard *) (Texas 27 Film Vault) * 
Robbin Graves 
Rodney (The Host (I) and Rodney *) 
Roland * 
Ronald * 
Sal U. Lloyd 
Sammy Terry * 
Sandra Bernhard 
Santo, aka El Santo 
The Scarlet Knave 
Scott Williamson 
Scruffy McGhoul and Chester the Werewolf 
Selwin * 
Seymour * (aka Sinister Seymour) 
Shock Armstrong, the All-American Ghoul 
Shrimpenstein and Dr. Von Shtick (kid show hosts) 
The Shroud 
Sinister Minister 
Sir Cecil Creape, aka The Phantom of the Opry * 
Sir Graves Ghastly * 
Sir Robert Ghoul-ley 
Sir Roger 
Son of Ghoul * 
Son of San Guinary 
Son of Selwyn 
Son of Svengoolie * and Doug Graves, aka Svengoolie (II) 
The Spooky Spectre and Cedric 
Stella * (aka The Daughter of Desire, That Maneater from Manyunk) 
Sterling Brewer 
Super Host 
Svengoolie (I) * 
Svengoolie (II), aka Son of Svengoolie * 
Tarantula Ghoul * 
Terrence * 
Tolouse Noneck, aka Tooloose NoNeck * 
Uncle Davver 
Uncle Death 
Uncle Ghoulie, Carbuncle, 13 and Gordon the Gorilla 
Uncle Ted and Nefu Ned * 
The Undertaker 
Vampira (I) * 
Vampira (II) (see Roderick and Vampira (II)) 
Victor Ives and Jimmy Hollister 
Vincent Hedges (see Chuck Acri and Vincent Hedges) 
Vincent Price (kid show host) 
Vlad, Creighton and The Invisible Man (aka Ghoul A Go-Go) 
Warren Reed and Frankie * 
What's His Name, aka What's His Face 
Whitey Gleason (aka Creepmeister Maximus) 
William Shatner 
Willie Thall (The Bargain City Kid and Willie Thall) 
Zacherley (aka The Cool Ghoul) * 
Zombo * (fictional host) 
Zomboo and Frank 

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